Melissa Krivacheck

CASE STUDY: How Melissa NOW fits into a SIZE 10…
After a life of a SIZE 22.

Author: Glenn Dawson

“I have suffered from extreme chronic back pain for the last 10+ years, By the end of high school my back was super messed up from gymnastics and, competition weight lifting in school. Doctors, therapists and chiropractors all tried to fix me, but nothing really worked and the pain was constant, especially with me sitting in an office chair 8 to 10 hours a day.

I’m an athletic guy and have exercised and worked out my whole life, but this pain was so bad and so constant it was affect all areas of my life. Some days I could barely walk, other days my back would spasm and I would collapse.

I started working with Glenn not to fix my back, but to pack on a ton of muscle fast and work around my back pain, however the first day we started working together, he noticed what was wrong with my back and designed a whole “fixing” routine to get my back healed.”

Need To Reset

Have you ever tried to change a friend’s mind about a destructive relationship?

It is damn near impossible. They are so firm in their beliefs that your new thinking even though it’s rational cannot be accepted.

The fact of the matter is they want help, but they don’t want to change their plan.

Stupid right?!?!

See the biggest reason why people have success in weight loss is a specific plan that is customized to their body, how it moves, their hormonal environment, their injuries, and their jobs.

Without this specific plan you are basically doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results….Insane Right?

So I had to Reset her mind first. Get her to actually believe that SHE CAN lose weight and keep it off. She had to see that she is not the one human that can’t lose weight, that she simply hasn’t had a proper plan yet.

After that I would have to put her through a 5 Point Reset Diagnostic to figure out parts of Melissa’s plan were missing or were wrong for her.

5 Point Reset Diagnostic:

– Hormonal Environment

– Nutrition

– Muscular Imbalances

– Resistance Training

– Cardio

With this customized process that took myself and Brandon Straker 10 years to create I would find exactly what was holding Melissa back.

On our first phone call I found out that she was making so many mistakes! She was even over working herself. See with health and fitness you can actually work hard and get negative results!

I’ll explain…


1) Are Your Hormones Helping You?

Have you ever lost like 20 pounds then gained all of it back and then some?

If you have know it wasn’t your fault.

Insulin Estrogen and Cortisol are your fat producing hormones.

Those coupled with many other factors can get out of wack and make it damn near impossible for you to lose weight. We have to regulate those and produce more fat burning hormones.

This is one of the most important pieces of your plan and often the most missed!

Simply eating less and moving more does not work long term.

It actually makes it worse long term!


What’s That Mean?

Resting Metabolic Rate: Your resting Metabolic Rate is the amount of calories you burn in a given day at rest. The Metabolic Rate lowers as you lose body fat.

This is also referred to as metabolism. People may think that their metabolism is genetically slow. This is true to a very minute point. However, EVERY SINGLE PERSON’S METABOLISM CAN BE SPED UP.

The leaner you get the slower your body burns calories. This is because you are burning more calories and taking in less calories, so your body reacts buy slowing down the rate at which you burn calories so you don’t starve and die.

This kinda sucks because it means you will have a harder and harder time to lose weight…

Worse yet. You could get to your goal with little to no metabolism and gain all of your weight back!

To fix this for Melissa we had to lower the production of Insulin and Cortisol. We did this by fixing her habits and nutrition(I’ll explain in Step 2).

We also had to make sure that as we lost weight we took measures to speed back up her Metabolic Rate. This way every goal she hit. She Keeps.

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