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How Chris lost 45 lbs and now takes shirtless selfies!

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Can You Reset Type 2 Diabetes? How Bryan did it and lost 30lbs in the process

Here’s A Quick (Partial) Bio Of Glenn and Brandon

Glenn and Brandon have combined their 20 plus years of experience to solve “one problem” with the Fitness world. People put in effort and don’t see results.

They created Reset-U Fitness, a company dedicated to getting the most difficult cases visible results by giving them specific programs to their hormones and their imbalalnces.

They have over 3,500 success stories and counting.

These two Expert Trainers only work with the toughest cases and pride themselves on clients paying for “results” not training.

  • They have 6 certifications
  • Over 10 years of education
  • Numerous TV appearances
  • Published Authors
  • Live Seminars
  • And have helped thousands around the world to Finally see results after months and years of struggling.

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