About Us

Glenn Dawson

“This is my passion. I love what I do. There is nothing better than giving someone the ability to truly achieve their goals, especially when they were accepting a lower quality of life not knowing it can be better.”

Glenn has been in the fitness industry for over 9 years. He is a highly accomplished athlete in football, martial arts, track, trail running, weightlifting, and a fitness show competitor. He has trained trainers, ran gyms, and managed sales departments.
Glenn has worked with the physical therapist and the most highly regarded trainers. He is an expert in functional training, body mechanics, pain relief, nutrition, and body optimization.

Glenn’s Why

Brandon Straker

“I do this because I believe fitness is the most important thing someone can do to change their life in a positive way.”

Brandon has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. He began running a fitness club at the age of 18. Brandon worked in every area of fitness: nutrition, body hacks, rehabilitation, performance enhancement, bulking, cutting you name it. He has
a background in NLP and loves using people’s mindset as well as proven science to get them to their goals.

About Me: Brandon Straker

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